Consultant Registration

  1. Why does it say that my PRC license number is already taken?
    • Your account may have been part of the pre-registration done by the PBO Secretariat
    • You may use the Forgot Password section to send a password reset link to your email address
  2. What if my pre-registered email address is outdated?
    • Please contact [email protected] for updating of your email address. Please include your complete name and PRC license number.
  3. What happens after I submit this registration form?
    • You will receive a verification link in your email address
    • The chief resident of the training institution you selected will confirm your association with that institution after a few days
    • You can then start to rate and verify surgeries done by the residents
  4. Why can't I verify my account?
    • Please make sure to use the most recent email that you received from the system. A new verification code is created every time you click the "Resend Verification Email" link.